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1. Does Jodi sign her art?

Jodi signs all her original art. Any pieces created after January 2013 are also thumb-printed with her right thumb and assigned a serial number.  She does not sign her prints. However, limited-edition prints are numbered and no more than the number indicated will be created.

2. Can I get a certificate of authenticity?

We do not issue certificates of authenticity. All pieces created after January 2013 are thumb-printed (right thumb), and all pieces purchased at JodiArias.com are guaranteed authentic.

We are happy to authenticate any work of art attributed to Jodi which is or is not thumb-printed. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of any art attributed to Jodi Arias, please contact us.

3. Does Jodi accept commissioned work?

At this time, Jodi is unable to accept commissioned work due to her logistical circumstances.

4. Do you ship internationally?

Prints are shipped worldwide, and originals are shipped only to countries and territories which enable us to insure the package.

5. Does shipping cost extra?

Shipping is free to locations within the United States and its territories. The cost of shipping internationally, plus insurance, is in addition to the purchase price.

6. Am I allowed to resell Jodi’s art?

Jodi has no problem if you would like to resell her art. Reproducing it, however – that is copyright infringement and that it against the law.

7. Why are there so many drawings of women?

In Jodi’s words: “I’m drawn to beauty and women are beautiful in endless, diverse ways. They’re my favorite subject to render artistically.”

8. Where does the art revenue go?

The art revenue is disbursed in several ways. A lot of it is reinvested into the business to keep Art by Jodi Arias running smoothly and successfully (supplies, shipping, taxes and fees). Ten percent of it is donated to select nonprofit organizations. Some of it will go towards Jodi’s appeals. (Note: The art revenue is kept separate from the JAA Appellate Fund, an irrevocable trust established by Jodi’s family for her appeals. In this way, the trust remains absent of any money that might be considered Jodi’s. This is done to ensure that donations received into the trust remain protected from potential lawsuits against Jodi.)


Gemini (The Zodiac Series)

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